Cosmetic Dentistry

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Skolnick truly combines the art and science of dentistry to create beautiful, healthy smiles that are also functional and lasting.

Much time is spent on listening to patient’s objectives and assessing the options available to attain those goals. Whether the focus of the problem is on spacing between teeth, shape or color of teeth, or missing teeth, Dr. Skolnick can recommend treatments to resolve those issues. She has taken many years of continuing education courses that focus on esthetics.

We take into account not only the teeth themselves, but how they fit into each individual face. How teeth are framed by the gums, lips and cheeks is critical to success of any gorgeous smile.

White spots on teeth can occur from fluorosis (too much fluoride), or decalcification (washing out of calcium) during orthodontic treatment and poor home care, or simply be genetic. If the spot is not deep, it can be removed with microabrasion. This process removes very slight amounts of enamel which allows the natural tooth structure color to shine through, matching its’ surroundings with no need for any man made restoration. If discoloration is deep, or dark, then a bonded restoration may be the answer.

Veneers, a thin layer of porcelain which is bonded to the front (facials) of teeth, can solve many issues including spacing, rotations, shape and color of teeth. If the teeth involved have had large fillings before, then a crown may be the recommended option for treatment. For severe rotations or teeth that are crowded out of the arch, orthodontics (braces, aligners) should be considered first.

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