Endodontics (Root Canal)

Our goal is to keep your teeth healthy and comfortable. If pain occurs we will put you in our schedule quickly to alleviate symptoms and treat the disorder.

Dr. Skolnick is available for emergencies even when the office is closed, or will leave a dentist on call if she is on vacation. We provide a caring and comfortable environment to get your teeth healthy and happy again.

Teeth are alive because of nerves and blood vessels that connect to each tooth. Teeth can be stressed or traumatized for a large variety of reasons such as cavities (bacterial invasion), wear and tear from normal chewing, grinding teeth, preparations to remove the decay and fill the teeth, or fractures from a fall or accident, just to name a few. Nerves do have some ability to bounce back from these incidents, but will, at some point, reach a limit that requires further treatment.

To learn more about root canal therapy, click here.

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