Periodontal Care (Gum Disease)

When it comes to Periodontal Care (Gum Disease) Dr. Skolnick and her staff are committed as a first priority. As she often explains, you cannot build castles on foundations that are in quicksand. A beautiful and functional smile starts with healthy gums and bone.

In a healthy mouth, teeth are anchored securely by connections from the roots of the teeth to the bone surrounding them and to healthy gum tissue (gingiva). We strive to maintain this all important foundation by teaching good home care habits and scheduling routine hygiene appointments.

If plaque is allowed to form (sticky colonies of bacteria that adhere to teeth), the body responds to this insult by inflammation and bleeding gums (gingivitis). Left unchecked, the disease can progress and the bone support will be affected (periodontal disease). Loss of teeth is the eventual result of severe periodontal disease.

To learn more about periodontal disease, click here.

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