Tooth Whitening

Announcing GLO Science, a quick in-office tooth whitening procedure being offered at Dentistry by Skolnick

If you’d like a noticeably whiter smile in minutes, Dentistry by Skolnick now provides a convenient solution. The GLO Science Whitening System is an affordable and easy way to brighten your smile. You’ll see noticeably whiter results immediately. Turn your next office visit into a whitening visit as well. Ask us about the GLO Science Whitening System during your next visit. Don’t want to wait? Call us to schedule an appointment right away.

Will tooth whitening have you looking 10 years younger?

Studies show that people who have their teeth whitened appear to be 10 years younger than their natural age!

Most patients can get wonderful results with our tooth whitening procedures.

The tooth whitening process has come a long way since the need for overnight treatment. Natural tooth structure that is in the yellow/brown end of the spectrum show faster results than teeth that are gray.

We carefully assess individual needs and make recommendations accordingly.

Today’s tooth whitening procedures are safe, effective, and affordable, and can make you stand out in a crowd, look younger, and give you more self-confidence.

Tooth whitening procedures can erase the signs of:

  1. Coffee, tea, soda, and red wine stains
  2. Naturally occurring yellow or dark teeth
  3. Darkened teeth due to aging
  4. Cigarette smoke and chewing tobacco stains

To read more about Tooth Whitening Procedures, click here.

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